October 06, 2009


16th of september the day i was born, has been celebrated with some good old friends, and some new friends. i really appreciated everybody that was there. Thanks!

July 30, 2009

Yoga in Summer

Since a couple of days i m in the south of france, enjoying the sun, swimming pool and doing some excersise and Yoga.
Very relaxing, but i m also training in the gym everyday, to get fit for the rehearsals that will start on 12th August.
Folies du Lac
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From wood to shoe

During our visit in Holland we went to a clogmaker, here you can see the process from wood to shoe.

Dutch Kiss

Dagje op stap met mijn schoonouders en ouders in ons lekker Nederlandse Volendam. En na de Frech Kiss nu dan ook the Dutch Kiss.

January 04, 2009

1001 Stars in Nancy

Since the beginning of november 2008 I have started a new adventure with Collection Privee in a brand new Music-Hall a Nancy, north of France. The show is very modern cabaret show with a Presentatrice Roxane (former in Royal Palace Kirrwiller), one attraction and us the ballet.

For more info have a look on the official website http://www.1001etoiles.fr/